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Animal Rescue & Adoption
So Many Orphans
There are a lot of animals out there in shelters and foster homes, waiting for the right person or family to come along and take them to their loving forever home.
They ended up there through no fault of their own.  Some were sadly lost, and some were callously thrown away.  Some were abused and neglected; others were dearly loved until their previous 'owners' died or were otherwise unable to care for them any longer.  Some were born outside to stray or feral mothers, and rescued young enough to be tamed and socialized.
Please don't buy your pets!  
Thousands and thousands of pets are euthanized in North America every year because they can't find a home and the shelters are so overcrowded.  Please contact your local humane society, SPCA, animal control department or volunteer rescue organization ~ there are so many little lost souls hoping for a family of their own.
Please don't buy your pets from pet stores, or from breeders unless you meet them personally and see the living conditions of the animals.  So many people, from the horrific puppy mill owner to the backyard breeder, are keeping animals in inhumane conditions in order to profit from them.  Only by refusing to buy from them can we end this type of cruelty.
Rescue pets are awesome!  
I used to laugh at people who adopted 'second-hand' pets when they went on about how 'grateful' the animals were.  Happy, sure, but grateful?  But then I adopted three adult FIV+ cats who had all been rescued from life outdoors.  And those people were so right! 
These little guys know what a hard life is, and they are so happy and so grateful for food and shelter, love and care.  They all had some trust issues to work through, but I have never had cats that were so thrilled to be loved, so amazed at their change in fortunes, so content to stay indoors, because they know that outside is cold and hungry and wet and scary.
And they have so much to give in return...
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged 
by the way its animals are treated.
~ Mohandas K Gandhi ~

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