Reiki for Pets & People - ~ Healing for All Beings ~

Animal Reiki
Animals love the pure spiritual energy that is Reiki.
Animals are very sensitive to energy.  And receptive to positive energy.  We’ve all seen people who are just animal magnets ~ the animals are sensing a positive energy and gravitating towards it. 
Reiki promotes relaxation and stress relief by triggering the relaxation response.  Everyone wants that. 
It can be used to aid in healing of chronic and acute illnesses, injuries and conditions.  Animals will often position themselves during a treatment so that the Reiki energy flows to exactly where they need it most.  Whether that be an injury, a tumor, a recent or impending surgery site, or a chronic condition such as arthritis, animals will recognize the healing power of Reiki and soak it in.
And it also works on the mental and emotional levels and can be incredibly beneficial to animals that are recovering from upheaval, abuse or neglect, and who need help building trust with people.  Shelter animals and those who have been rescued or even rehomed often have some negative effects from their past experiences.  These can manifest as behavioural issues, including depression, aggression, fear, refusal to be trained, and even self-mutilation.  
Since we can’t ask them about it, Reiki can help to bridge this communication gap, by energetically connecting human and animal at the spiritual level.  Not only can healing proceed without the need to know what caused the issue, but often a line of deep communication is opened up so that intuitive messages can be shared.  It is easy to share love and support through Reiki, at a level that is absolutely pure and true, and animals’ hearts and spirits can be powerfully healed this way.
Many animals, for obvious sad reasons, have a great fear of human hands.  Because it is channeled through the hands, and is such a positive experience, Reiki can go a long way to help overcome this fear of hands.  I learned this from a pair of very scared rescued budgies.  They had lost their home and their human companions, and their other budgie friend had recently died.  They spent 3 months at the Humane Society, and were just settling in when they were caught again by hands, stuck in a little box, sent somewhere else with a stranger, and put in another new cage.   My hand slowly reaching in to get their food dish that evening caused them to beat themselves frantically against the bars of their cage to avoid it.  After feeding them I gave them a long Reiki treatment from a short, respectful distance, and another just before going to bed.   In the morning I gave them a little taste of Reiki, and they didn’t panic when I reached in for the food dish.  And when I came back with food, they both hopped onto my hands to eat!  All that happened ~ between total panic and total acceptance ~ was two long Reiki treatments and a good night’s sleep.

It is important to be very respectful of all animals, friendly or fearful, and always let them be the one to decide whether or not to accept Reiki, how much and for how long, and whether or not to initiate physical contact. As Reiki can be offered equally effectively hands-on, hands-off or from a distance, physical contact is never necessary.  
By offering Reiki freely, letting go of expectations and judgement, and letting the animal control the treatment, powerful healing can take place and profound communication can be established.

The soul is the same in all living creatures,
although the body of each 
is different. 
~ Hippocrates ~

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