Reiki for Pets & People - ~ Healing for All Beings ~

2018 Animal Reiki Classes
in Ottawa, Ontario

Come learn the gentle, healing art of Reiki in a beautiful parkland setting 
right in the city.  Let's see what wildlife we can attract with our peaceful energy!

Reiki Level I & II courses are each one full day in length, and include instruction, practice opportunities, attunements, certification and a comprehensive training and resource manual. 

These courses provide the full Usui Level I & II Reiki training, 
with specialized Animal Reiki training woven throughout.  

Each student is therefore certified as both a human and animal Reiki practitioner.

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, August 7th
Level I & Animal Reiki 
~ The Basics ~

Saturday, August 11th
10am ~ 6:30pm

Level I is open to all animal lovers

Level II & Animal Reiki 
~ Advanced Techniques ~

Sunday, August 12th
10am ~ 6:30pm

Level II is open to animal lovers with 
at least Reiki Level I in any tradition

Come for Level I, Level II, or both.

This is the weekend of the New Moon ~ an ideal time for new beginnings...

Course Fees

Level I $200
 Level II $250

Save $25 by registering for Level I & II together for $425

all plus 13% hst

Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches on the soul
~ Emily Dickinson ~

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