Reiki for Pets & People - ~ Healing for All Beings ~

Animal Reiki Courses at 
The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada!

The April 1 & 2, 2017 classes were a big hit with students, donkeys, mules 
and a lot of wild birds!  See below for some student feedback.

Stay tuned for Spring 2018 dates for Level I & II Animal Reiki.

Come learn the gentle, healing art of Reiki with the gentle, healing assistance of over 80 donkeys and mules (and goats!) in a beautiful country setting just outside of Guelph, Ontario.

                       Uma                                                                                                              Marci & Marci

Reiki Level I & II courses are each one full day in length, and include instruction, practice opportunities, attunements, certification and a comprehensive training and resource manual.  

Come for Level I, Level II or the whole weekend.

Level I & Animal Reiki: 
The Basics

Level I is open to all animal lovers.
Level II & Animal Reiki: 
Advanced Techniques

Level II is open to animal lovers with at least Reiki Level I in any tradition.

Course Fees: Level I $200, Level II $250, Level I & II $400, plus HST.

A portion of course fees will be donated to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.

Student Testimonials re April 1 & 2, 2017 Animal Reiki classes:

"This class was fantastic! The combination of theory plus hands-on, as well as indoor and outdoor practicums were great. LOVED the donkeys - what beautiful creatures.  Marci is a natural teacher, and explains things in multiple ways very clearly." ~ CW, Life Coach, Energy Therapist & Speaker

"Marci has a calm, friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and open teaching style that makes learning Reiki with her a great experience! Great balance of theory, practice and hands-on techniques.  I love the examples.  Awesome setting for this class!" ~ KL, School Ground Design Consultant

"Overall was a great course with a lot of information.  Will be recommending it!"
 ~ LH, House Cleaner

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Enlightening, energizing, yet brings a sense of calm and pleasure.  Loved the chanting and mantras.  A wonderful and fulfilling opportunity." ~ LW, Volunteer & Retired Teacher

"The visual, auditory, sensory and tactile supports around the classroom and the Sanctuary were lovely. I hope my path will cross with yours, as well as those of the other wonderful participants I've met this weekend.  Thank you so very much!!" ~ JD, Retired Secondary Teacher, Student of Life

"Was a great learning experience: practice, attunements, comfort level in the surroundings and with other participants (great group, very caring), time with the donkeys. Looking forward to incorporating what I've learned into daily practice. Enjoyed both sessions more than anticipated." ~ LP, Retired, and Happy Volunteer 

"Absolutely changed my life in many ways. Highly recommend. Thank you and many blessings." ~ JN

      Danny Boy

           Blue                                                                  Hutch & Gerry
                                           Nibbles & Gibbles

The issue in any form of spiritual healing is to 
reconnect the vital life force to source.
~ Marianna Sheldrake ~

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