Reiki for Pets & People - ~ Healing for All Beings ~
Course Registration & Fees
Courses include full instruction, time for discussion and questions, all attunements and symbols (if any) for that level, many practice opportunities, certification for that level of Reiki practitioner or teacher, and a comprehensive training and resource manual.
Course duration and investment are shown below.  
~ Holy Fire Usui &
    Animal Reiki ~
   Level I
  Level II 
 Level I/II     
 Per Person in
  Group Class*
  1 day 
  1 day
  2 days
  if  booked      together
 3 days  $850
 Private Class*
  1 day 
  1 day
  2 days
  if booked        together
  3 days ~ $1700
 *13% HST will be added to all course fees.

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®
 ~ Prerequisite: Must be a Reiki Master in any tradition for at least six months ~
Per Person in Group Class*
  3 Days   ~   $850
Private Class*
  3 Days   ~   $1700
  *13% HST will be added to all course fees.

Payment Options
13% HST will be added to all course fees.
1. INTERAC e-Transfer Payment online: email transaction details
2. Paypal: use the buttons below each course option.  A 3% transaction fee will
     be added.
Upcoming Courses in & around Guelph

2018 Usui & Animal Reiki Courses

When registering with e-transfer, please specify the course date(s) you are signing up for.  We will confirm your registration promptly.

~ Level I & Animal Reiki: The Basics  ~ Sunday February 4th
 ~ 10 am to 6:30 pm  ~ $200 + hst     ~ open to all animal lovers ~

~ Level II & Animal Reiki: Advanced Techniques  ~ Sunday February 11th 
 ~ 10 am to 6:30 pm  ~ $250 + hst 
            ~ open to animal lovers with at least Reiki I in any tradition ~

**Save $50 when you register for Level I & II together **

  ** Refund Policy ~ Course fees and deposits are non-refundable.  
However, fees paid can be used towards courses or treatments for 
up to one year from the date of the original course. **
Please contact us to set up a class for your group 
or in your shelter or community. 
By simply relaxing, being quiet, breathing and having a heartfelt intention
to help another being, you create a sacred space.
In this space, all things are possible.
~ Kathleen Prasad ~
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