Reiki for Pets & People - ~ Healing for All Beings ~
Could You or the Animals in your Life be Healthier and Happier? 

~ Healing for All Beings ~

  • Reiki training and certification ~ all levels 
  • Reiki treatments for animals of all kinds ~ pets, livestock, wildlife, and animals living in shelters, sanctuaries and zoos.  
  • Reiki treatments for humans
  • Reiki Crystal Grid treatments & Workshops

We're Moving!
After a wonderful two years in the beautiful city of Guelph, 
Reiki for Pets & People is relocating to Ottawa.  
Heartfelt thanks to all the friends, students, hosts and animals who have 
helped make the classes here such a profound experience.

If you would like to take Level I & Animal Reiki ~ The Basics, or
Level II & Animal Reiki ~ Advanced Techniques with Marci Burgess in Guelph,
please join us in one or both of the following classes, as 
this will be your last chance.

Guelph, Ontario
Come learn the gentle, healing art of Reiki with the gentle, healing assistance of 
four cats and two budgies in a supportive, peaceful environment.

Level I, II, and Advanced/Master classes are available in both Holy Fire Usui and Animal Reiki, and for those who are already Reiki Masters, in Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® as well.
Please contact us if you would like to set up a course for your group or in your shelter or community.

Treatments for animals are available in Guelph and southern Ontario ~ usually at the animal's home ~ and by distance healing worldwide.  
Treatments for people ~ including powerful Reiki Crystal Grid treatments ~ are available in Guelph and southern Ontario, and also by distance healing.  
Sound healing and crystal healing elements can be included during in person treatments.  
Treatments by multiple practitioners can be arranged.
If you have any comments or questions, or would like to book a treatment or training session, please contact us.
Daily Adoptable Pet!
Until one has loved an animal, 
a part of one's soul remains unawakened. 
~ Anatole France ~

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